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Outdoor Portable Solar Charger

Outdoor Portable Solar Charger

Product: Outdoor Portable Solar Charger

Power Input: Solar Panels and AC

Power Output: 5V 2.1A, 5V 1A

Application: Laptop,cellphone, PAD

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Product Details

Outdoor portable solar chargers provide power to a host of everyday items by capturing the sun's energy on a solar panel. This makes them popular for those who are trying to conserve energy and help the environment. However, they are also popular among those who travel a lot and need to have phone batteries charged at all times. From smartphones and iPads,  outdoor portable solar chargers are particularly useful when users are away from an electrical outlet, and they are a necessity for camping trips.

Package of Outdoor Portable Solar Charger


Outdoor Portable Solar Charger

Connection adapters

USB cable

User manual



Standard Export Packing with form material protection.

Parameter of Outdoor Portable Solar Charger



When away from home and power outlets during a camping trip or another long journey, outdoor portable solar charger is a great solution to ensure that all portable devices - from cellphones to laptops to Android tablets - stay fully charged. This outdoor portable solar charger uses solar energy instead of electricity to stay charged, and typically offer at least double the power needed for a smartphone. You won't have to sacrifice very much space in your backpack. 

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