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Small Size PWM Solar Controller

Small Size PWM Solar Controller

Product: PWM Solar Charging Controller

Mode: PWM

Battery Voltage: 12V/24V

Charging Current: 10A

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Product Details

This PWM solar controller is specially designed for solar street light or other small solar lighting system. It has the IP68 level waterproof and aluminum shell can be used in harsh environment. It also integrated with 12V/24V system voltage automatic recognition function. OEM is welcomed for this PWM solar controller.


Package of PWM Solar Controller

PWM Solar Controller

Connection Cable

User Manual

Standard Export Packing.

Parameter of PWM Solar Controller


Connected between the charging source and the battery. PWM solar controller, used in all modern charge controllers uses 3-stages of operation to give the most charging possible for the day. Full solar charge to Bulk Voltage you set as maximum, the PWM solar controller then tapers off charge in Absorption mode, just enough to keep batteries at, but not exceeding, the bulk voltage you set. After one hour at bulk voltage, a lower Float Voltage takes effect to prevent overcharge. 

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