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Reliable MPPT Solar Controller

Reliable MPPT Solar Controller

Product: MPPT Solar Charging Controller

Mode: MPPT

Rated Voltage: 48V-360V

Charging Current: 100A

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Product Details

This MPPT Solar Charger Controller is a system with advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Technology. The term “charge controller” refers either to a stand-alone device or a control circuitry integrated within a battery pack, battery-powered solar device or a battery recharge.


Package of MPPT Solar Controller

MPPT Solar Controller

Connection Cable

User Manual

Standard Export Packing.

Parameter of MPPT Solar Controller


This MPPT solar charge controller is the key component in off-grid or stand-alone solar power generation systems. It can track the maximum power point and transfer energy to various types of batteries. The build-in MPPT microprocessor enables the solar charge controller to increase the energy transfer efficiency by up to 30% compared to traditional charge controllers. Easy installation with parallel connection capability makes our MPPT Solar Charger Controller the perfect solution for your large solar system application.




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