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Polycrystalline Solar Cell

100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Product: 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Panel Cell: Polycrystalline Silicon

Rated Power Output: 100W

Voltage: 17.5

Current: 5.714A

Certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO

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Polycrystalline solar panels are also made from silicon. However, instead of using a single crystal of silicon, manufacturers melt many fragments of silicon together to form the wafers for the panel. Polycrystalline solar panels are also referred to as “multi-crystalline,” or many-crystal silicon.


Package Of 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Carton Package and Wooden Package

Size: 1000*670*35mm



The polycrystalline solar panels are also known as polysilicon and multi-silicon cells. They were the first solar panels to be developed when the industry started in the 1980s. Most interestingly, polycrystalline cells do not undergo the same cutting process as the monocrystalline cells. Instead, the silicon is melted and then poured into a square mould. This is what creates the specific shape of the polycrystalline. One of the benefits of this process is that the solar panels become much more affordable. This is because hardly any silicon is wasted during the manufacturing process.


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