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The World's First Solar Highway Is Complete In China
Jan 15, 2018

The test section consists of Qilu construction, total length of 1120 meters, the photovoltaic paving length 1080 meters, is expected to produce about 1 million KWH, are now connected to the grid.

At present, the test section has been checked and accepted, and its bearing capacity, anti-slip performance and other road performance indicators meet the relevant national standards, which can be used for all vehicles.


According to the bus driver involved in the test, the speed of the car was about 100 kilometers per hour, and the road felt as normal as the normal speed, and the braking distance was the same as normal.


CCTV reporter mentioned, integral high-speed photovoltaic (pv) is the full name of the road pavement, the top layer is similar to the frosted glass translucent new materials, friction coefficient is higher than traditional asphalt pavement, to ensure that the tires don't slip at the same time, also has high light transmittance, allows sunlight to penetrate it, make the solar cell converts light energy into electrical energy, real-time transmission on power grid, like a giant charging treasure.


During the winter, the road can also convert light energy into heat, melt frozen snow, and ensure driving safety.


At the same time, the road is reserved under the electromagnetic induction coil, the future with the matching of electric vehicle wireless technology, which can realize in the process of the electric vehicle drive on the road, running charge, don't have to worry about the battery not enough.


In addition, the reserved information port can also be connected to various information collection devices in the future, and information such as vehicle information and congestion will be aggregated into big traffic data and become part of smart city.


The test section adopts the technology of bearing photovoltaic road surface, and the photovoltaic power generation module which is about to meet the traffic conditions of the vehicle will be laid directly on the highway surface to realize solar power generation.

Photovoltaic (pv) road surface is known as "transparent concrete", its technical indicators and safety coefficient are more than the current widespread use of asphalt concrete pavement, and the surface is rough, high friction coefficient, won't form a mirror, will not endanger the safe driving.

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