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The Development Of Solar Inverter In China
Jan 16, 2018

From 2005 to 2010, the global pv inverter market grew from $1.07 billion to $7.18 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 46.3%.

The development of solar pv industry in Europe, Asia Pacific region and North America is the main driving force of the pv inverter market.

In 2007, only 20MW of new photovoltaic capacity was added in China, and by 2010, the total installed capacity of pv in China was about 520MW, more than twice that of 228MW in 2009.

In 2011, the number of new installations in China reached 2.9GW, ranking the fourth in the world.

In 2015, the demand of photovoltaic inverter in China reaches 5.0GW, and it will reach 10GW by 2020.

In 2010, China's photovoltaic grid capacity reached 500 megawatts, and the market of inverters was about 500 million yuan.

At present, the target of the "12th five-year plan" has been significantly increased to 10GW, which is more than double the previous target.

Assuming that all these machines are connected to the network, the domestic inverter market is expected to reach 10 billion yuan by 2015 according to the cost of 1 yuan per watt.

As photovoltaic inverter industry competition increasing, large photovoltaic inverter merger integration between enterprises and capital operation, excellent domestic photovoltaic inverter production enterprises become more and more attention to the study of industry market, especially for enterprise development environment and the further research of customer demand trends.

Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent pv inverter brand rapidly rise, gradually become the pv inverter industry leader!

Photovoltaic inverter is the application of power electronic technology in the field of solar power generation, industry technical level and power electronic devices, circuit topology, dedicated processor chip technology, magnetic materials technology and control theory of technology development are closely related.

In addition, the miniature inverter with power rating of 200 watt-500 watt can be used conveniently in curtain wall, window sill and small roof. In recent years, it has also become a hot spot in market segmentation.

The single phase product of a series of pv inverter is dominated by the boost circuit + single-phase non-transformer topological structure;

The three phase products of a series of photovoltaic inverter are mainly composed of the booster circuit and the three-phase three-phase three-phase no-transformer topological structure.

The photovoltaic inverter of power station is mainly composed of three-phase bridge circuit, and includes no transformer and transformer.

The photovoltaic inverter focuses on the following technical indicators: high efficiency: the conversion efficiency of pv inverters directly affects how much power the solar power generation system generates in the life cycle.

According to the different product models, the conversion efficiency of international first-class brands can reach up to 98%.

Long life: the design service life of photovoltaic power generation system is generally about 20 years, so the design life of pv inverter needs to reach a high level.

High reliability: the failure of pv inverter will cause the photovoltaic system to shut down, resulting in the loss of power generation directly. Therefore, high reliability is an important technical index of photovoltaic inverter.

Wide working voltage dc: because a single piece of solar cell components of output dc voltage is lower, so in practice need to be more than series, get a high dc voltage and then after the multigroup parallel input to the photovoltaic inverter.

Due to the combination of photovoltaic cells with different power and voltage, and different series and parallel schemes, it is required that the pv inverter of the same specification can adapt to different dc voltage input.

As a result, pv inverter has a wide range of dc voltage, which can be used to meet the practical needs of customers.

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