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Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Concerns And Concerns?
Nov 02, 2017

Worry one: damage the roof, damage the roof waterproof.

This is because the overall PV system will cover components, inverters, stents, and related system accessories, which are placed on top of the roof, and the load on the roof is not a Jin two pounds of weight, the roof will not be crushed? The other is the top of the roof in the laying of the bracket when the type of roof need to punch, solid foundation, will not leak?

First of all, we can certainly in the roof before the station, will be on the field of the environment and the situation survey, the roof of the load-bearing capacity of accurate accounting, to confirm that there is no problem before construction construction.

Construction of the bracket when the hole involved, will be leak-proof, water seepage, to ensure that the power station built on the roof will not leak. After the completion of the entire power station construction will be repeated to ensure that the power station in the normal power generation at the same time, does not affect the owners of the normal life.

Concern two: the construction of photovoltaic power plants affect the production plant.

Construction of industrial and commercial power stations For some production enterprises, they are worried that the construction of photovoltaic power plants in the process will affect the factory production progress. In fact, photovoltaic power generation system in the installation process, and will not affect the factory production, usually outdoor operations, companies do not need to stop production downtime.

Commercial power station compared to the household distribution power station, although the amount of engineering and construction technology are complicated, but its essence is still the roof of the station, this is the same, unless it involves some special enterprises, have their own Installation requirements, otherwise it will not affect the normal operation of enterprises.

Worry three: power generation is safe.

Photovoltaic power generation because there is no moving parts, easy to damage, easy maintenance; photovoltaic power generation process will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise and other pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, is the ideal clean energy, these advantages to distribution Type photovoltaic power generation there is no high operational difficulty and risk, security has been guaranteed.

Concern four: photovoltaic system quality problems.

The photovoltaic power generation system consists of PV modules, inverters, brackets and system accessories, and the owners are concerned that PV systems will frequently fail and affect power generation and affect revenue. The most critical part of which is the inverter, components, in some news reports in these two parts of the problem frequently, such as the emergence of degraded components, poor quality components, etc., but the quality of the inverter, certification is not complete, resulting in power plant burned, The phenomenon of destruction. Owners have such a worry is not an exaggeration. In this point to mention two points, the first point to choose a big brand, the choice of photovoltaic power generation equipment to choose the industry first-line brand, not because of covet cheap, and give up the power station quality, the ultimate loss or their own; second point, find a professional system installation Business, as long as the professional system installers, in order to ensure the quality of construction to ensure the stable operation of power plants.

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