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The benefits of solar photovoltaic power generation
Nov 02, 2017

Solar photovoltaic power generation process is simple, no mechanical rotating parts, do not consume fuel, do not discharge, including greenhouse gases, including any material, no noise, no pollution; solar energy widely distributed and inexhaustible. Therefore, compared with wind power generation, biomass power generation and nuclear power and other new power generation technology, photovoltaic power generation is one of the most sustainable development of the ideal characteristics (the most abundant resources and the most clean power generation process) of renewable energy power generation technology, Has the following main advantages.

① solar energy resources inexhaustible, exposure to the earth's solar energy than the current energy consumption of human 6000 times. And solar energy is widely distributed on the earth, as long as there is light can use the photovoltaic power generation system, from geographical, altitude and other factors.

② solar energy resources available everywhere, can be near power supply, do not have long-distance transport, to avoid the long-distance transmission lines caused by the loss of power.

③ photovoltaic energy conversion process is simple, is directly from the light to the energy conversion, there is no intermediate process (such as thermal energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy, etc.) and mechanical movement, there is no mechanical wear. According to thermodynamic analysis, photovoltaic power generation has a high theoretical power generation efficiency, up to 80% or more, technology development potential is huge.

④ PV power itself does not use fuel, does not discharge any material, including greenhouse gases and other exhaust gases, does not pollute the air, does not produce noise, is environmentally friendly, will not suffer from energy crisis or fuel market instability caused by the impact is Truly green new renewable energy.

⑤ photovoltaic power generation process does not require cooling water, can be installed in the absence of water on the desert Gobi. Photovoltaic power generation can also be easily combined with the building, constitute a photovoltaic building integrated power generation system, do not need a separate area, can save valuable land resources.

⑥ photovoltaic power generation without mechanical transmission components, operation, maintenance is simple, stable and reliable operation. A set of photovoltaic power generation system as long as the solar cell components can generate electricity, coupled with the extensive use of automatic control technology, basically can achieve unattended, low maintenance costs.

⑦ photovoltaic power generation system performance is stable and reliable, long service life (more than 30 years). Crystal silicon solar cell life can be up to 20 to 35 years. In the photovoltaic power generation system, as long as the design is reasonable, appropriate selection, battery life can be as long as 10 to 15 years.

⑧ solar cell components simple structure, small size, light weight, easy to transport and installation. Photovoltaic power generation system construction cycle is short, and according to the electricity load capacity can be large and small, convenient and flexible, easy to portfolio, expansion.

 Solar cells are a promising new power source with three advantages: permanence, cleanliness and flexibility. Solar photovoltaic power generation and thermal power, nuclear power generation compared to solar cells will not cause environmental pollution; solar cells can be large and small simultaneously, large to millions of kilowatts of medium-sized power plants, small to only a single independent solar power generation system, These features are unmatched by other power supplies.

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