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Solar signal light is your best choice
Feb 02, 2018

With the development of modern city, people pay more and more attention to traffic problems.

To traffic safety and reduce traffic accidents, the ministry of communications, ministry of public security has established the corresponding traffic laws and development made all sorts of all kinds of traffic lights products, widely used in the field of urban traffic.

But far away from the grid on the outskirts of highway and highway intersection due to install lights need laid a long transmission line, the cost is very high, so often won't install traffic lights, and some regional power supply more nervous, in the area of intersection traffic lights the way power cannot work normally, there is hidden under a great deal of traffic hidden trouble.

Solar traffic lights solved this difficult problem, it with the traditional light appearance and function exactly the same, the only difference is the power supply in different ways, it with solar panels, power supply, and traditional light with 220 v ac power supply.

This new type of solar energy traffic light USES green energy solar energy, and it is inexhaustible, completely free of network power, and the installation is fast and easy to move.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for the intersection of newly built intersections and traffic flow and urgent need for new communication signals, which can meet the needs of emergency power failure, power rationing and other emergencies.

Solar energy traffic signal lamp is the trend of the development of modern transportation, along with the country to advocate low carbon life, solar traffic lights will be more and more popular, more than ordinary light solar traffic lights with environmental protection, energy-saving, because have electric storage function, do not need to signal cable laid when installation, can effectively avoid the happening of power construction, and so on and so forth.

Under the condition of continuous rain and snow, solar signal lamp can guarantee the normal work of about 100 hours.

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