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2018 China's solar energy industry outlook
Jan 17, 2018

In 2017, the scale of China's photovoltaic industry continues to grow steadily, driven by global market and domestic pv.

In 2017, China's polysilicon production is about 220000 tons, up 13.4% from a year earlier, even if such imports more than 156000 tons, mainly imported from South Korea, Germany, the German accounts for about 45% of total imports, Germany accounts for about 30%.

The output of silicon wafer was 80GW, an increase of 23.5% year on year.

The output of the battery was 65GW, an increase of 27.5% year on year.

The output of the component is 70GW, up 21.3% year on year, and the component export volume is about 22GW.

Thanks to the size of the market to expand and improve the enterprise shipments, many enterprise components shipments to reach more than 5 gw, crystal energy reaches more than 8 gw, profitability has improved significantly, especially in the upstream silicon material, wafer, raw and auxiliary materials, and downstream of the inverter, power stations, 2017 gross margin of each link the highest 45.8%, 37.34%, 21.8%, 37.34% and 21.8%.

Looking ahead to 2018, from the perspective of supply side, the new and technological upgrading capacity will be released gradually in 2018.

Polysilicon original technical production capacity, some enterprises are also back into the field of polysilicon, capacity increases gradually, as shown in the list below, by the end of 2018, domestic polysilicon production capacity could reach 394000 tons;

The production capacity of single crystal silicon wafer was released, and the polysilicon wafer was gradually increased through the technological transformation of the diamond line.

Battery companies have been upgrading their battery capacity by using black silicon technology, PERC technology and n-type battery technology to improve battery capacity.

Component enterprises accelerate the production line automation, intelligent transformation, the production capacity is continuously improved, the effective production capacity gradually expands.

In 2017, with the concerted efforts of the external environment, China's photovoltaic enterprises have stepped up their r&d efforts and made continuous progress in the production process.

The energy consumption of polycrystalline silicon in the backbone enterprise continues to decline, and the comprehensive cost has been reduced to 60,000 yuan/ton. The average comprehensive power consumption of the industry has been reduced to less than 70KWh/kg.

P type monocrystalline and polycrystalline battery technology continuous improvement, regular production line average conversion efficiency of 20.5% and 20.5% respectively, use the advanced production line of the PERC and black silicon technology reached 21.3% and 19.2% respectively, heterojunction (HJT), the IBC and N type double speed up the development of technology route.

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